Computer Science Engineering


To be recognized as an front runner technological leader in Computer Science and Engineering education and research to meet the growing manpower requirements of the Global Software & hardware Industry/Organisation.
  1. To move forward as frontiers of human knowledge to enrich the citizen, the nation, and the world.
  2. To excel in research and innovation that discovers new knowledge and enables new technologies and systems.
  3. To develop technocrats, entrepreneurs, and business leaders of future who will strive to improve the quality of human life.
  4. To create world class computing infrastructure for the enhancement of technical knowledge in field of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Last Year maximum package in CSE deptt :15 lac
  • Collaboration with Oracle India of amount of 10Cr for software and services.
  • NILIET for certification program: workshop and seminar
  • IIT Delhi for Creativity and Innovation(in final stage )
  • Campus connect partner of Infosys: Industry standard courses
  • Setup of ACM Chapter (in final stage): To fetch international attention for various education and research opportunity at globe level.
Program Educational Objectives
In this high–tech era, computer technology is encapsulating all spheres of human needs and aspirations. It has metamorphosed not only the data processing and storage, but also the quality of life, manufacturing and design, communication and transportation. A greater emphasis is laid on the electronic based technical knowledge. Moreover the curriculum includes advanced programming language and skills in addition to computer networks and communication technologies. Overall the computer – engineering curriculum provides a proper balance of computer systems, Hardware and Software theoretically and practically.