Civil Engineering


To establish an outstanding center of regional and national reputation for providing a quality engineering education to the students and services to the professionals and the community; to produce quality civil engineers; and to employ principles of continual quality improvement to enhance competence of its programme and faculty.
  • To serve the people of the country by providing a broad and high quality education to its student for a successful professional career.
  • To conduct strong basic and applied research for national needs.
  • To serve the construction industry; civil engineering profession through dissemination of knowledge and technical services.
    What are the outcomes of program would come here
    Program Educational Objctives
    CCET took a plunge into the immensely refreshing and challenging field of Civil Engineering with the setting up of Civil Engineering Department right from the genesis of the college. The department of Civil Engineering at CCET is excellently suited to meet the ever changing requirements of engineers with the aptly designed course structure and a practical study of various fields that are a combination of management, business skills and use of various softwares in the construction field ie. Water resources, Geotechnical, Environmental, Transportation, CAD, RCC, Survey, etc.